The Spatial Analysis of Female Voters’ Behavior

The purpose of this study is to find out what factors influence the behavior of female voters. This study was carried out in the city of Tanjungpinang, Riau Archipelago (Kepulauan Riau) Province, Indonesia. A number of questionnaires were distributed to obtain female voters’ perspective related to the 2014th legislative election. Spatial visualization showed that two factors competed to dominate the behavior of female voters, namely ideology similarity and candidate’s religiosity. The results of spatial analysis based on Global Moran’s I and Local Indicator of Spatial Association (LISA) showed that ideology similarity factor was spread uniformly and did not have spatial association. On the other hand, candidate’s religiosity factor formed some patterns of spatial associations. These findings are intended to contribute the study of women’s participation in politics through the application of spatial data analysis.


Pak Adji


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